How to Blueprint Your Results, Impact and Legacy

I have a question for you.

What’s more important for you to experience in your life or business right now?



What if you could all three?


Is it even possible?

Yes. Absolutely. Let me show you how……


Let’s start with the facts..

We all have the same 24 hours in a day… so why do some people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Richard Branson make more money than most people can dream of and are super successful, while some people experience slow success, or worse, struggle the entire time and settle for mediocre results?

The answer?

Super successful people work smarter, not harder, and all of them have
mastered what I call “The Success Blueprint”…


It’s a powerful process… used by super successful people that enables them to create success, results and generate impact in record time.

How do you do that? How do you consistently achieve results and create your legacy?

People go wrong in two ways when it comes to legacy and results

  1. They focus on the results that someone else is actually getting more out of it — namely the company you work for
  2. They believe they have fulfillment, but have ignored other areas of their life that still needs it.

Let’s look at the first one.

You just closed a 10 million dollar deal for the company you work for? Congratulations! Now how much of that deal do you get? Maybe you get tons of kudos, a nice promotion, more responsibility and they ramp up your salary by $30k or something like 10%-20%. That works out to about 0.3% of the deal.

Now when you are 75 and you finally retire, will your legacy be the hundreds of millions of dollars you made for the company you work for? It’s not. That will be the legacy of the company, who will live on and make even more money for a long time after you are gone.

Your legacy is not money you make for others. Your legacy is going to be either the money you make for yourself and the live the life you want or the people that you have impacted because of your own work.

Your legacy is what you built for yourself and how that served other people personally.

They are the ones who will remember you.


Too often we mask our true legacy by the results that other entities are having.

Now let’s look at the other one

Where do you find fulfillment — in other words, joy, happiness, purpose, etc?Maybe you love your job? Great!

How is everything outside of that?

Maybe you adore your family? Wonderful! How is everything outside of that.

What people do wrong is they accept the fulfillment in one area of their life and ignore all the other areas.

There are 4 ways to find fulfillment: Love, Career, Passion & Being Present

  1. People you Love – this includes your family, friendships, intimate relationships and professional associations.
  2. Your Work – this is either a corporate position, an entrepreneurial role, or if you are lucky to be retired, where you spend time using your professional skills
  3. Your Passion Pursuits – these are the things you pursue outside of work and people, such fitness, entertainment, a hobby, a unique interest, etc.
  4. Mindfulness – this includes being in the moment, being present,  showing gratitude, often a spiritual aspect. It can be found in the three others above. But this fulfillment is different because it’s the opposite of worldly busyness. It is found within and is different for each person.

Show me a person who loves to workout and you may find someone unhappy at work.

Show me a someone who loves to run a stamp collection group, but they may be lonely.

Show me someone who works hard in business or career because they love it, but may have trouble at home or has no time for individual pursuits.

Show me a person who practices mindful meditation but they may be not dealing with conflict at work or home.

Most of us erroneously focus on fulfillment in one area, use it to mask the other areas in our lives where we don’t have it and then think we cannot improve all four areas.

True fulfillment comes from maximizing all four ways to get fulfillment.


Can you feel happy and successful in your work, your extracurricular pursuits, the people you love and your mind? Absolutely!

The challenge, or excuse for most of us, is that we don’t have any time. This leads to an illogical perception that we can’t.

Let me explain by asking what is the solution to success, legacy and fulfillment.

Do more of the things that you are doing right now?


That’s the fastest way to guarantee frustration, struggle, and no time for yourself or your family.

Let me explain…

Let’s say you are making $100,000 a year right now, working 40 hours per week in your business. Most people think:

“If I put more hours in, I’ll make more money”


“If I had more hours in a week, then I’d make more money”.

That’s the WRONG way of looking at it.

Why? That approach, and way of thinking, is just not sustainable in the long run. In fact, it’s a sure-fire way to limit your growth and put a glass ceiling on your success.

That means, in order for you to make $200,000 a year, you’d have to work 80 hours a week… and in order for you to make $1 million a year, you’d have to work 400 hours a week.

It’s just not possible.

How do I know all of this? Well, let’s just say that the story I described above came from someone I know personally *Hint: Me*, and I’ve learned from it ever since..

So what’s the solution?

The Success Blueprint, this where the power of creating a “Roadmap” comes in.


The Success Blueprint is how people or businesses can rapidly grow, average to extraordinary where they achieve results, impact and create a legacy at the same time.

….It is the same formula that Super successful people use to achieve anything in their wildest dreams (financially, physically, happiness)


So what exactly is The Success Blueprint?

The Success Blueprint is a road map to get something done, and achieve a consistent result or outcome.

Best part? You work hard and smart to achieve your results in a record time while feeling fulfilled.

It’s a strategic planning technique that leverage time, resources, results at its best.

It’s how super successful people achieve more success, results, impact and live a legacy life.


Two key components is needed for any person or business to make this blueprint work like wonders.

       ⇒  Accountability

       ⇒  Laser Focus


Without it, you may feel…


Not fulfilled?




Here’s a Quick Recap of why The Success Blueprint works so well…Establishes crystal clarity, sense of purpose and direction


⇒ Establishes clarity & purpose in your life

⇒ The Road map is strategically designed so that you always feel fulfilled and not overwhelmed.

⇒ These people will achieve success, results and impact in record time

Ultimately, it gives you the ability to live the life that you were destined to…

You will get more results, IN RECORD TIME.

Fulfillment of your own life is not a privilege, its a RIGHT.



most people let life design their own life….do NOT make that mistake

Imagine having a access to the success blueprint that super successful people used day in and day out in your hands and implemented in your life.

Can you imagine a massive paradigm shift in your life?

Can you imagine living the life you always wanted?

The feelings, the emotions & the fulfillment that comes with it.

If you are interested in learning how to use the Success Blueprint to achieve results, impact and create a legacy all at the same time, then you’re going to enjoy the free training videos we have on the next page