Top Reasons Why You Won’t Want to Miss DYPB15

Why you should join us at the largest summer leadership event in Toronto, DYPB 2015.

Last year 300 leaders came out to this one day event. DYPB recognized a great need for people who felt ‘lost’ and wanted to understand their personal brand. People wanted to follow a more authentic path of passion and purpose, based on their values, skills and passions.

This year, the event is now 2-days long, featuring 50+ experts in personal branding. Join us on August 14-15 along with 450 other professionals to network, learn and see 8 keynotes, 8 panels and 8 workshops!

Register before July 19 to save 30% at!

Keynotes speeches from the amazing:

  • Sean Gardner, Forbes #1 Power Social Media Influencer
  • JT O’Donnell, founder of Careerealism, a top 20 Influencer on LinkedIn with 1M followers
  • Sean O’Shea, Investigative & Consumer Reporter, Global TV News
  • Carolyn Van, Shi(f)t disturber, Cancer fighter, strategic communications specialist
  • Bobby Umar, 4x TEDx and Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership speakers
  • Billy Anderson, Founder – The Courage Crusade
  • Scott Oldford, Founder, INFINITUS Marketing, Strategy and Technology

Panel Discussion topics including:

  • Friday night “All Star” Personal Brand Panel featuring Drew Dudley, Saul Colt, Sean Gardner and more
  • Personal Branding for Millennials
  • Personal Branding for Start-Ups/Entrepreneurs
  • Personal Branding for Corporate/Recruiting
  • Personal Branding for Love & Dating
  • Personal Branding for Media
  • Personal Branding for Non-Profit/Social Enterprise
  • Personal Branding for Social Media

Workshop Topics include:

  • Image and Style
  • Brand Yourself for Media Attention
  • How to Craft your Personal Brand Statement
  • Build a Monster Thought Leadership Brand via Social Media
  • Video Personal Branding
  • Branded Messaging
  • Personal Brand via Facebook
  • How to Earn an Extra $100,000 a Year in Public Speaking

If you’ve ever felt ‘lost’ as a leader, or felt pain in your professional path because you didn’t feel valued, your values weren’t aligned or something just told you it wasn’t the right fit, the time to forge an authentic leadership path and get the best support, tools and resources is now!

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Early bird tickets end July 19. Register now and save 30% here at!

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