The Annual 2015 DYPB Conference

Discover Your Personal Brand in Toronto

At DYPB ‘15, you will be spending a day and a half with some of the most insightful and passionate personal branding leaders in the industry. They will be sharing their personal stories and key insights and tools on how you can set yourself apart, become a valued leader, and connect to a deeper purpose and drive within yourself.

Have you ever felt ‘lost’ as a leader? Are you trying to find a corporate career path that makes sense for you? Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to find your voice? Are you a student who wants to make sure you have chosen the right academic path?

Your personal brand is the impression you project. It requires a concerted effort and self-awareness to build a powerful brand, but the returns are worth it. Done right, it will open doors and secure opportunities others only dream of. The world’s most influential leaders have all mastered personal brand building. When you think of Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, or Bill Gates, traits related to success immediately spring to mind. Steve Jobs’ personal brand was so strong that even in death he leaves a legacy of leadership.

At DYPB, you can learn the same strategies these leaders use everyday. By taking control of your personal brand, your strongest characteristics, skills, and values will shine through and distinguish you from the crowd. By not taking control, you’ll look just like everyone else.

Just look at the line-up we have to help you forge an authentic path of passion and purpose and REGISTER NOW to enjoy the Early Bird discount.

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