Ready for some fun facts?

In New Zealand, you can’t wear funny hats to work. You may find this amusing but employees who lose 10% of their pay because of this aren’t laughing anymore.

Seem unfair? Why?

Most rules—even the ones you hate—have excellent motivations. In New Zealand’s case, it’s simply about keeping order. A unique hat will break the uniform code. And when employers allow one unique feature they’ll have to allow others as well.

The prevent chaos some countries simply lay down laws.

And there are many of these unique laws—or absence of them—around the globe.

In America, because there’s no law enforcing bathroom breaks, your boss can prevent you from going to the restroom often. And for women’s safety and health, they’re prevented from working in certain environments in Madagascar & China.

Some people may find this offensive. But once again the laws were motivated by a desire to keep people safe.

And so far no one has changed the rules.

When your next job offer comes from abroad, you should acquaint yourself with the country’s unique rules. This helpful infographic by Legacy Citizenship will show you which strange guidelines you must keep in mind. Instead of getting frustrated with the rulebooks you can think about their origins. You may find new respect for the cultures you work in.