Here are a few numbers that I would like you to consider for a minute: 170 billion, 101.8 billion and 87 billion. Any idea what these substantial numbers represent? According to Forbes, these numbers represent the calculated value of the three most valuable brands in the world: Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Although these companies are assisted by multi-billion-dollar advertising budgets, there are simple tactics that contribute to the curation of these brands that allow them to be successfully marketed. From effective stakeholder outreach, great customer satisfaction through product service and consistent interaction with influencers, successful tactics of multinational brands can be applied to individual accounts to create networks and brands that expand career longevity and industry connectivity.

Let’s examine some ways that any individual can curate their brand to begin expanding their network, gaining legitimacy in their field and nurturing their career.

  1. Great content/products

This is arguably the most undervalued and pivotal asset that individuals and companies consider when establishing a personal brand. So much emphasis is sometimes placed on marketing and communicating to as many people as possible, that the quality of the actual product being sold is considered a second priority. The most pivotal component of building a brand, personal or otherwise, is the quality of the product that the brand focuses on. If the brand centers around writing, the most powerful brand tool is a phenomenal portfolio of writing. The same concept applies when creating a brand for video production, photos, etc. The most important component of a brand is the product that is being branded. If the product being branded is of high value and quality, followers and likes will come. Be patient. It is better to get the right followers than a lot of followers that never interact with your brand.

  1. Identify great collaborators

One of the great things about building a personal brand is the opportunity it provides to learn from great collaborators. When building a personal brand, be sure to connect with individuals on their channels. These could be people on social media who you think have great content that talk about the same things your brand does. It could be a YouTuber who you want to learn from by asking about how they design their videos or the strategies they use to gain subscribers. A great brand is only made greater by absorbing the successful practices of those that have come before.

  1. Strategically pick your platforms

All social media platforms are not created equal, at least not when marketing a specific product. Each form of media belongs on certain platforms to maximize visibility. Once you find out what type of product you will be marketing, there should be direct line of sight into which platforms you should house your brand on. Another thing to keep in mind is that your brand needs to exist where the influencers you want to engage with house their brands. This will make collaborations easier.

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