Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

GUEST BLOG – by Katrina Manning

At this point, most businesses understand how to market their business on Facebook. It’s pretty straightforward–you set up ads and/or promotions which can be anything from images to Facebook live.  With over a billion people on the platform–sharing, commenting, posting and liking–you want to get a piece of that market. There isn’t any question that Facebook can be profitable for your business. But, there are several marketing mistakes you must avoid.


  1. Posting too much


It seems counter-intuitive to hold back on posting, but you must. There is the saying, “less is more.” In this case, it is quite true. Facebook suggests that businesses start out with one or two posts per week. This is to help get a feel for the platform and how it works. Many brands have around one post a day. Some build up to four or six. You want an intelligent method for educating your followers about your products and services.


Yet, loading too many posts can have an adverse effect on engagement. According to Facebook, the average user only “likes” four to six new pages each month. This means your content is consistently fighting for more attention from your fans. Unless you run a news site, it is better to post one amazing item per day as opposed to two mediocre ones. Even if you only post a few days per week, you can still keep your page active by responding to comments.


  1. Not having a plan


Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Have you ever heard that? To make the most out of Facebook marketing, you must plan your future posts. In addition, it is critical to analyze your past posts. Start by reviewing the insights. Then, ask these questions:


  • What times of day do my posts have the most impact?
  • What types of posts gets the most attention?
  • What days of the week garners the most interaction?


Once you get time frames, you will have a better idea of the best times to post. It is all about becoming efficient with your resources and effort. Moreover, you should deploy a content calendar. This helps you to set a schedule for your posts. Not to mention, it reminds you to reuse old posts/pictures over time. You can start off with a simple DIY template in excel. This way, you don’t have to wake up flustered, trying to figure out what to post and at what time.


With your calendar, start with holidays–this is the easiest and most enjoyable part. After that, work on themes for a day, week or month. There are so many national holidays such as National Donut Day and National Cat Day, you might have fun with those as well. With a calendar, you can ensure your posts are consistent. Plus, this helps your followers to get into a rhythm of watching for your posts.


  1. Only posting promotional content


The rise in the use of ad blockers should give you an idea that your followers don’t want to view advertisements all day long. Here is a rule of thumb: Have one promotional post for every four posts that aren’t advertisements. Does that make sense? Otherwise, your followers will unfollow your page.


  1. Being too predictable


With so many reliable marketing automation tools available for use, you can really set it and forget it. But, think about it–that can get boring. You don’t want to become too predictable. Status updates can be a snooze. You have to mix it up!


The moment you put your followers to sleep is the moment they hide your feed. So, keep it varied. Post a video one day, then a photo on another day. Another option is to tag your fans and create original images. Your followers will appreciate your effort.


  1. Making it difficult for people to find your webpage


So many businesses forget, or just ignore, the about section completely. Yet, how is anyone going to find your site? You need to add your homepage URL, and if you have it, a phone number and email. If you are a brick & mortar business, make sure to add your hours. This way, people can make their buying decisions much more quickly.


The same is true of your content, you need to include links to your site and a call to action. According to BuildNicheLinks, backlinks are one of the most efficient means of building traffic and a following. But, we describe one caveat–your content must be relevant and valuable to your followers. So, don’t place links in content that doesn’t make sense for your business or your page.


Have you made any of these Facebook marketing mistakes above? If so, what did you learn?