Presentation: art of presenting Ideas effectively

Giving a presentation is a task, but accomplishing it is a skill. You won’t get another chance to shine (Especially if you are an employee and asked to describe some product in front of body members then it’s a golden chance to open the doors for your increment). The very first thing to understand about the presentation is it’s not about what you say but its more about how you say.The way you stand and talk while making attachment between you and audience is considered as the backbone of your complete session. Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration”. So inspiration will help in setting your approach while preparing harder for that will make you a perfect candidate. Starting should be in a way that your audience must get engage in it throughout. Leaders have the quality to deliver their message in lesser guided precision. Keep the same tempo (Like you started) until the end. Make a proper eye-contact while speaking and interpret with a smiling face.

Our performance must be well-prepared so that it will not look like a show-off. Remember, if you want to become great presenter you have to build yourself as best communicator. And to do so, you have to focus on few logics like knowing your product or a subject you are going to detail in front of people, your body language as well as your getup and your intentions.

In the infographic below we have gathered such logical things usually you need to focus on before heading to the presentation. The infographic “Do’s and don’ts of presenting” created by Walkerstone has brief info about starting of presentation, how words matter, how to communicate your message and some considerations for presentation. It also explains how your first sentence should be and what two things you should avoid while giving the presentation. 

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