The Manager’s Guide to Improving Employee Engagement
If you have a ten-person team, three people are working hard to crank out innovative ideas. Wondering what the other seven people are up to? Well, they’re staying busy—but not with work. These disengaged employees are playing video games, sending each other cat memes, and even looking for their next job. 
Since 70% of all employees are unengaged, you’ve probably seen these symptoms of distracted behavior in your own office. What’s more, this rate of disengagement is present across the board—regardless of the employees’ pay. Money won’t solve this problem, so what’s a manager to do? 
You can start by understanding that employees disengage when the workplace isn’t meeting their needs. If their work isn’t fulfilling their careers or personal lives, it makes sense that they wouldn’t waste time completing it. Next, you’ll want to learn how low engagement affects you. (Higher turnover and plummeting revenue are just two of the consequences.) 
This great resource from the team at Company Folders gives you inside info on what employees are really doing and what it’s costing you—plus some fabulous ways to help them engage in their work. Read on to learn how you can create a happy, motivated team.
— a portion contributed by Vladimir Gendelman