As someone who inspires, trains and educates leaders to leverage social media, this infographic is a powerful reminder of the what and companies need to do to attact the best talent out there. In fact, I dedicate much of my coaching on thought leadership to this idea. Want to learn more on how to build a winning online brand or how to retain the best and brightest? Message me or visit here.
Also, do let me know what you think of this infographic and which part resonates most with you. Enjoy!


10 Incentives to Attract & Retain Top Talent in the Workplace
Good leaders understand that every person is different. What matters to one won’t matter to another, and what motivates one could actually de-motivate the person sitting right beside them.
Before you start catering to every employee’s whims, let’s be clear: understanding what motivates an employee isn’t about manipulating them into producing more work. It’s about creating a positive, encouraging environment that helps you retain the great team you’ve got—and attract new talented candidates to your company.
Attracting top talent is critical in today’s competitive job market. To do this, you have to understand what motivates the best workers in your industry. Here’s a big hint: it’s not always more money. While talented workers deserve fair compensation, they’re more likely to be motivated by a strong incentives program than a fat paycheck.
For example, many brilliant minds enjoy traveling so they can have new experiences; you could appeal to this group with a great vacation policy or corporate outings. Or, you might create remote work opportunities to attract the many employees who would rather work from home than make more money.
There are dozens of workplace perks like these, but some are more desirable than others. This top ten countdown from Company Folders will help you understand which incentives work best—and why top talent want them. 
— a portion contributed by Vladimir Gendelman