GUEST BLOG – by Adam Seabrook

An essential part of leadership is recruiting the right team.

More and more, social media is key tool for finding the right people to build your team with, as you’ll see in the infographic from Betterteam below. A full 70 percent of hiring managers say they’ve successfully recruited employees via social networks, and 89 percent of businesses now say they plan to recruit via social media.

Part of the reason for all this attention being paid to social is that Human Resources, recruiters and hiring managers are facing more pressure than ever to find candidates. It now takes an average of 27 days to fill a position – an all time high. At the same time, executives are less and less confident in their recruiting strategies, and more worried about how unfilled positions are affecting revenues.

Social media has become so attractive because it gives leaders a way to access the 75 percent of potential hires that are not out looking for jobs – so called “passive candidates.” But this may lead to problems all its own, as there are some important differences between active and passive hires.

Check out the infographic below, and learn how candidates sourced from social may be different than your typical hire, and how you can be more effective at social recruiting.


Ok, we hope that infographic gave you Office Space fans a good laugh, helped you learn more about social recruiting and passive candidates, and see how you might use social media to not only attract candidates, but also attract the right ones.

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