The Importance of Human Resource Management

Many human resource departments often face questions over their worth to an organization due to the fact that they are responsible for the interests of different stakeholders at any given time. Although members of this department are regular employees like the rest of the workers, HR work is usually viewed with suspicion. The importance of human resource management cannot be underestimated however, and organizations that recognize this stand a better chance of success.

An effective human resource setting is important for fostering employee focused and highly energized working environments that encourage workers to perform at their best, here is why:

Staff Recruitment and Development

What’s one of the most important aspects of human resource management, recruitment is the foundation on which a business bases its growth. HR departments are responsible for hiring the right people for the businesses’ immediate and future needs. From a strong work ethic to an ability to work as part of a team, prospective employees have to fit into the organization’s mission statement in order to bring real value to the business as a whole.

Human resource management is also integral to the integration of new staff as well as their training and development for the benefit of their advancement as well as the company’s. Contrary to popular belief, a company’s HR department can actually be a driver of change and improvement for individuals and companies and because of this, it requires the cooperation and support of all stakeholders.

Performance Management Systems

Putting performance management systems in place helps to keep employees motivated and engaged while HR also facilitates the improvement of skills and performance. With mutual respect, detailed feedback, and communication within the team, human resources departments can utilize appraisals for the good of both the staff and the company. In addition, modern HR departments can invest in a software system that will help to provide clear insights on efficiency, productivity, costs, and the direction a business should take in both the long and short term.

Conflict Management and Good Relations

Another important responsibility of human resource management is the fostering of good relations between team members as well as resolving conflicts between employees and the employer. It is impossible to avoid disagreements and conflict within a business, but it is possible to manage them. HR can take the role of arbiter and mediators in order to tackle any issues in a timely and effective manner that allows the organization to move on in unity.


Apart from their universally recognized core responsibility of hiring and training staff, human resource departments also play an important role in the growth and success of organizations. While being responsible for the best interests of both employees and employers may initially be viewed with skepticism, successful companies are those that recognize the importance of effective HR and therefore provide cooperation and support to the department for the good of the company.

Placing greater emphasis on creating a streamlined and effective human resources department should therefore be the goal for all organizations in order to build and manage a business and its employees effectively.