As we approach the end of summer, its important to take the time to introduce the faces that have been behind the projects for the last couple of months. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other forms of social media, this summer”s Raeallan team have been all about developing their leadership. If you enjoyed seeing our blogs, memes, and various other posts, take a look at the brains behind them all.


Ayu Dewi Puspita is currently a postgrad marketing student at George Brown College. She is passionate about helping people and making a difference in their lives. Ayu truly made a difference in managing the Instagram accounts for Raeallan and Humans of Canada and was an active member on the Discover Your Personal Brand team. On her free time, she loves travelling, trying new things, meeting new people, and most importantly- food. Follow Ayu on Instagram @ayupuspita05 and connect with her at


Bana Bishtawi is a Bachelors of Commerce graduate from the University of Toronto. She enjoyed making inspirational memes which has been making the rounds on social media as well as managing Project GYST. Bana has a passion for creating change, and making the world a better place for herself and those around her. She loves coming up with new ideas and loves laughing, shopping, travelling and playing with her dog, Spicy.


Derek Therriault is currently a student at Ryerson University. He keeps in touch with his Y Chromosome through his love for skateboarding and sports. Aside from his scrapes and bruises, Derek also makes time to get in touch with his creative side with his love for marketing. He used his interest to keep Raeallan’s Facebook page rolling. Follow Derek on Twitter @DerekTerriault.



Jen Katshunga was Raeallan”s business development manager this summer. Her love for photography also came to use during the launch of Humans of Canada. Jen is currently enrolled in the post graduate Global Business Management program at Humber College in Toronto. She enjoys the fast paced world of business, any sport with a ball and is a well known coffee consumer. Follow Jen on Twitter @jen.


Karen is currently a student at Western University with the goal of entering the Ivey School of Business. She loves camping, travelling, and licking the spoon after a good baking session. Karen has been busy with her role as project manager for Raeallan. She co-hosted the POC Chat but especially enjoyed developing images for the team. Follow her on Twitter @karenzeng88, Instagram @karenzeng and connect on LinkedIn


Katrina is a 2nd year Business Management student at Ryerson University majoring in Marketing and minoring in Professional Communication. She is passionate about transforming the marketing industry into one that celebrates differences, empowers, and influences people for online casino good.  Katrina contributed to Raeallan”s blog numerous times and took part in the team as a business development manager. When she is not working, Katrina is blogging, training her puppy Hazel, and reading everything from fiction to business to well-being.


Kristian is currently entering her third year of business at the University of Toronto, where she is specializing in marketing but is also very interested in leadership in organizations. She had fun writing her first blog post and managing various social media pages for Raeallan. Kristian was also an active photographer for the Humans of Canada movement as she travelled from coast to coast taking listening to unique stories of other fellow Canadians.


Megan just finished her first year at Western University where she currently studies economics and politics and plans to pursue business in her upper years.  She worked alongside her colleagues as a business development manager and enjoyed her time here graphic designing. Outside of work and school, Megan loves travelling, eating, dancing, and kayaking.  You can find her on instagram @megan_elizl and on twitter @MeganLee798.

sravantiSravanti has recently graduated from University of Toronto from the Business Management Program with a specialist in Strategic Management. She is currently working on web development for Raeallan. Moreover, she loves meeting new people, exploring new places, and being part of new experiences. Feel free to connect with her on Linkedin at



Tasnia is currently a student at the University of Waterloo. With an interest in marketing & PR, Tasnia is one of the few people who don”t skip advertisements on YouTube. She put her interests to use during her time as Public Relations Manager and kept the blog active by encouraging her colleagues to find their love for writing. Follow her on twitter @tasnia_n!



Nour is a UofT student who is pursuing a Digital Enterprise Management Specialist, and a Professional Writing Minor. Nour attempted to write an e-book, published a blog, managed the Humans of Canada, Tumblr, and LinkedIn pages, and enjoyed learning about personal branding and working with other talented interns… all while abroad for the summer. Currently, she is on the hunt for self-improvement through worldly experience. Passionate about social media, people, and wellness. You can follow her antics at @noxour.


Parbon is an enthusiastic Grade 11 student from Bur Oak Secondary School. He is passionate about student leadership, social activism and entrepreneurship. Like Bobby, Parbon is a Shad Valley alumni and loves to connect with people of all walks of life. Parbon believes that overcoming one’s fears, taking calculated risks and surrounding oneself with positive people allows anyone to reach their dreams.


Samir is a radio and television student at Ryerson University. He believes in french first and Anglais en deuxieme (That’s english second). Samir loves cinema and television and hopes to use this passion during his time with Raeallen to help work toward our mission. He played an active part in during the development of the Humans of Canada movement and looks forward to to seeing it soar.

There you have it; Raeallan”s team of summer 2014! Together, they learned a lot about teamwork, solving problems, and creating more skills to help them strive as a person. A special thanks to Bobby for managing the team so well and helping us find the leader in our lost selves!