One of the best things about an election are people discussing all the various political issues of the day. I have really enjoyed all the dialogues on Facebook and Twitter and I love commenting too, even if I am disagreeing with a friend. I am actually going to miss it. I myself am pretty passionate about politics, but I realize that some people may not connect with what I am saying. or worse, they may feel that this disconnect brings up a question of “do I want to stay friends with this person”? ¬†Should that stop me or you from talking about how we feel? ¬†No, because as many of my Rules of Connection state, you really should be true to yourself and speak passionately about what is in your heart and mind.

Opinion PollNow of course there are better ways to do it. Touchy subjects like politics, religion, and personal hygiene require some basic principles from kindergarten that I am sure we can all remember (no name-calling, listen, take turns, politeness). I have found a few connections in my life who have vastly different politics and values than me, and yet we consider ourselves good friends. Those of you in that group (you know who you are), I applaud you. The true connections can tell the difference with the intentions of what you say and why you say it. They will see the genuine and authentic you.

It takes courage to give an opinion that you KNOW people will not like. But it takes even more courage to accept, acknowledge, and try to understand that different point of view when engaged in a discussion. So please keep sharing! By thinking, reflecting, and sharing, we can all find growth.

Have a great week!

p.s. I have tagged some of you who have shared the last month. Thank you!